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by JDW

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Julienne Dolphin Wilding founded the artist in residency program Event Horizon in 2017. Event Horizon offers private creative space free of charge. Accommodation is available, both rented and subsidized. The studio building is created from used shipping containers and is completely insulated, set in 20,000 Sq m (5 acres) of private land owned by Julienne and is close to the sea. The land is primarily an olive grove at the beginning of the Havgas gorge.

We selected three 12m steel dry shipping containers from a used cargo dealer in Athens. The containers were then cut in half for easy transport due to the narrow road access restrictions around Fourni Village. This restriction dictated the design layout which forms a square tunnel with an atrium for natural light. The building is insulated with Polystyrene Foamboard and Marine Ply cladding on the outside walls and PolTherma DS sandwich panels on the roof. See Our Story.

Event Horizon studio facility is free of charge. The studio space is called an “artist in residency” but it is non-residential in domestic terms. Accommodation is available, both rented and subsidized: The Architect´s House and a Windmill in Neapolis Town (7km). Gypsy caravan and Byzantine Painters House in Fourni Village (2km).
Bursaries on-site: Sprite caravan with free camping.

Event Horizon is a Crete based building created with creative people in mind. A retreat for production and experimentation. Studio space is available following an application which is evaluated by the Event Horizon selection panel. Artists are assessed through reference to six criteria. This artist in residency opportunity offers private creative studio space free of charge. Interviews will be held on Skype with the panel.

Event Horizon is a private retreat and residents do not usually overlap for significant amounts of time, if indeed at all, in which case residents usually work alone or with their partners. You will need to be independent and enjoy access to the local Cretan community and culture.

We are using the cosmological phenomenon of the event horizon as an analogy for art and creativity as a transcendent concept. Ingenuity is experimentation with the mysterious and provides a way to experience one's self in relation to the universe. Creative people of all disciplines are welcome as artist in residence.

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We are witness to the devastation of the environment by rich and poor human activity and after so many years working to raise fragile planet awareness I have become a warrior for sustainable living. Applicants with this ideology are especially welcome.

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