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Musician in Residence
Giulia Gallina with partner Hugo (with Julienne)
Music Residence December 2019

Gypsy Caravan
The Gypsy Caravan is in Fourni Village 2 km from Event Horizon.
"I imagine that artists have an affinity with gypsies due to a shared anarchic anti-establishment view. The traditional gypsy caravan was a work of art with carvings and exquisite textiles." JDW

Original Gypsy Caravan
Event Horizon Gypsy Caravan is based on the original Tiny House Movement. It was built by Giannis Perulios ad Julienne.

Testimonials by residents

Ecology Residency - Alexis Goertz and Jonas Grube (with Julienne)
Nov - Feb 2019

Installation at Event Horizon Studio
Installation at Event Horizon Studio by the first artist in residence
April 2018 Uma Haime

Sculpture - Pax Minoica
Land art sculpture Pax Minoica at Event Horizon by Ines Diederich


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