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Mirabello Bay
This is a stunningly beautiful gulf in the Sea of Crete and where all the local beaches are to be found.

Poppy Vasilakis
Event Horizon thanks Poppy Vasilakis for her essential support during the development of Event Horizon Project

Logo Design

Event Horizon thanks Yellow Studio Barcelona for logo

Event Horizon License Granted
Project passed all regulations thanks to architect - Iris Perouliou Sergaki (with Gianni P, license inspector and Julienne)

Designer and Master Builder

Giannis Perulios - interior designer and master builder of the Gypsy Caravan, Studio and Event Horizon project accommodation.

Writer in residence
Afsaneh  Torabi
August 2019. Maker of immersive, sensorial, kaleidoscopic theatrical experiences/delights/interrogations. Performer of visual/physical/object/comic theatre. Deep sea free diver. Clumsy soul.


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