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Julienne Dolphin Wilding is the founder and director of Event Horizon. Julienne is well known for her large-scale furniture and public art sculptures made from a wide selection of unconventional materials. To avoid any pigeon holing she describes herself as an environmental artist. She is determined to stay open and experimental. Her concerns are ecological and work within this framework is evident in her diverse portfolio.

All the materials used that would otherwise be left for waste, take on a new role which exploits their natural individuality and irregularity - precisely those characteristics which preclude their use in most applications. The inherent qualities and features of the materials used inspire the themes for the art works.

Julienne builds up small collections based on narrative themes for exhibitions as well as working to commission. She has accomplished an impressive body of work including garden design and construction, water features, furniture of all functions, installation and site-specific sculpture. She has been an artist-in-residence on many occasions, Japan - (Kanazawa College of Art) UK - (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford, Blickling, Thetford) and collaborated with other artists and designers. Her work has been distributed in Europe, U.S. and Japan.

“My work has developed more specifically within environmental concerns. In my one-off pieces I use durable materials that do not break and survive the life of the product; recycled materials that have been processed then remanufactured; materials fabricated from factory production waste, and sustainable raw materials.

I breathe new life into refuse that would have been burnt or dispatched to landfill. By preserving the quirks of nature, I let the natural forms dictate the structure of the reincarnations. In doing so I hope to raise the consciousness of consumers to inspire a greater ecological responsibility. I feel my work has contributed towards the necessity of 'Design for Environment'.

I am witness to the devastation of the environment by rich and poor human activity and after so many years working to raise fragile planet awareness I have become a warrior for sustainable living. Applicants with this ideology are especially welcome at Event Horizon”.

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