Creative studio space is free of charge and is available following an application which is evaluated by the Event Horizon selection panel. Artists are assessed through reference to six criteria. Accommodation is available, both rented and subsidized.

Notes for Inspiration:

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What is your area of discipline? What dimensions of your practice are you interested in? 

How do you see the development of work practice in general? What vision do you have? Who are the people in your field who inspire you?

How do you intend to use this retreat time? What do you need to retreat to do? Start, develop or finish a project? Have a rest from projects and explore something completely different?

Virtual Upload
Virtual online activities are advised during the residency due to mostly Greek language being spoken in the community, therefore there is a limited audience for exhibitions and performances.

Are you prepared to share your work on Event Horizon social media during or after the residency? Event Horizon depends on the internet to highlight all it's activities.

Event Horizon is a free space offered to anyone who can complete the criteria. It is not a commercial concern however donations are welcome toward the continued growth of the residency space. Request an interview