The facilities are available following an application which is evaluated by the Event Horizon selection panel. Artists are assessed through reference to six criteria. Accommodation is available, both rented and subsidized

OPEN CALL 2022-23 Rolling Admissions, No Deadline
Please read Introduction to prepare your application.

Notes for Inspiration:

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What is your area of discipline? What dimensions of your practice are you interested in? How do you see the development of work in general? What vision do you have? These questions can be answered by sending your website or PDF etc.

Event Horizon is a private retreat and residents do not usually overlap for significant amounts of time, they usually work alone or with their partners and/or assistants. Let us know about your companions (if any), accommodation preference and provisional dates.

Let us know how you intend to use this retreat time. How can we accommodate you? What do you need to retreat to do? Start, develop or finish a project? Have a rest from your routines and explore something completely different? Julienne is available for technical assistance if necessary.

Virtual Upload
You are required to show an interest in the Cretan culture and local community. Please let us know if you would like to use the Event Horizon Amphitheatre. Note: Projects on-site with locals are difficult due to language and availability, there is a limited audience for exhibitions and performances.

You are required to expose work in progress on your own social media and let us know your social media links. It is also important that I have permission to share residency progress on Event Horizon Social Media.

Be generous! Event Horizon studio facilities (non-residential) are free of charge and are offered to anyone who can complete the criteria. Event Horizon is not subsidized and donations large or small are welcome toward the continued development of this Artist in Residency. View Accommodation Options and then Request an interview