Special Accommodation Subsidies

On-site at Event Horizon Studios: We are offering Accommodation Bursaries on-site to individuals who have limited resources. Event Horizon is not a commercial idea and we wish to welcome established and non-established people who understand the concept of sharing space respectfully.

Please note bursaries do not depend on practical help, the on-going work that is needed at Event Horizon generally is done by Julienne or other skilled professionals.

Be generous! Event Horizon studio facilities are free of charge and are offered to anyone who can complete the criteria. The residency is heavily subsidized by Julienne and individuals granted Accommodation Bursaries will need to make a donation or have significant input to the project.

Click on an image below to view actual size.

Small Comfy Sprite Caravan
Sprite Caravan is a double bed on wheels

There is Solar Power and pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi (€1 per GB) due to remote location.

Night View Tent
The Event Horizon land is a huge garden for glamorous camping

Clamping Toilet
The cesspit is absolutely huge and so this
back-to-nature toilet functions perfectly well.

*The privy is made from plastic found in skips!

The noisy neighbours
Local sheep are on the other side of the fence. There is no grazing on the land, it is a sanctuary for plants and wild animals.

Event Horizon Office
There is Solar Power and pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi (€1 per GB) due to remote location.

Glamping Kitchen
The Sprite caravan kitchen is outside in the shade.
There is harvested water, a gas camping hob
and a ceramic cooler 'fridge'.