Matrix Revealed is a geological core sample sculpture which is inspired by the Neolithic flint mines of Grimes Graves in Thetford Forest Park. Initially commissioned by Forest Enterprise in 2003 to reflect a natural element of the Norfolk countryside.

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13-metres tall, comprised of 24 sections of aggregate materials
Julienne's visit to Grimes Graves revealed the surprising layers of substrata beneath the earth's surface and she began to envisage a core sample of Norfolk that would appear as if it was drawn out of the ground.

Core blimey!
Matrix Revealed from the top: Roots 2003 Rabbit burrows 1997 Strong brown sandy loam Brown slightly humus sands. Deer skulls and antlers in pale yellowish brown loamy sand. Flint stone hand axes Toppings flint in pale yellowish brown sand.Chalk flour and chalk-sand drift.Upper crust flint in strong brown sandy loam Pale yellowish brown chalk sand, stony high-level gravel. Wall stone flint in pipe clay. Rough and smooth black flint in chalk sand matrix. Flint layer in chalk rubble Glacial drifts and post ice age superficial deposits: Soft chalk 180 million years old

Children Playing on core ground
The sculpture represents the stratigraphy of Norfolk and is intended to inspire people to think about the story of the planet's make up and the earth's surface that we take for granted; it entices us to investigate our surroundings and invites us into the secrets of nature.

Norfolk Quarry Chalk
Matrix Revealed was joint funded by High Lodge Forest Park, Norfolk, The Arts Council England, Forest Heath District Council and Suffolk County Council. Commissions East, Andrew Firebrace structural engineers, Frimstone aggregates and May Gurney supported the project. Photography credit: Monika Zanolin.

Core Sample Flint Stone Detail
"We live on the earth's surface but are mainly oblivious to what is below us. I felt strongly about bringing the Grimes Graves shaft up to the surface and a geological core sample was an obvious way of doing so." JDW

Artists Statement
"There is a theme which runs through all my public artwork and that is a conspiracy to disconcert. I wish to create illusion and deception in the landscape. The purpose of this conspiracy is to entice the park visitors to look closer, to investigate their surroundings more acutely, and to be more alert. I hope to achieve this by constructing an artwork that acts as a double take: a second look occasioned by surprise." JDW