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Born: Thessaloniki, Greece
Lives in: Chania, Crete
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Musician, Theatre Performer, Puppeteer in Residence Summer 2021 Can we see something side by side and connect through it leaving the private screen isolated? Can we look into the eyes without judging? Can we concentrate on something by becoming aware of the human condition? Can we accept our imperfect nature? Should we make fun of ourselves? Can we forgive? To tell the truth? Transform? Should we fly? To live forever maybe? Can we have values? Can we fool ignorance and cowardice? Hypocrisy and selfishness? Can we diet? Is World Revolution Possible?


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Daudi Puppet Theatre
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Dance Workshop Performance
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Band of Musicians with Michalis Daudakis on accordion
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Chania Clown Show. Alice, Dandy, Michalis, Ukelele, Selma and Fabrice
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Clown Rebels Burlesque


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