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Click to view full size   Writing, visual arts and rituals.
Born: Netherlands
Lives in: Netherlands
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My work mostly stands on the pillars of art, therapy and (mystical)religion. Somewhat similar to an anthropologist, I approach culture as the collective process in which humans seek to give shape and meaning to live. Especially in my work as an artistic director I look for ways to intrude in this process, such as an acupuncturist intrudes in the flows of the human body.


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The shapes of traditional boats are dictated by the properties of wood.
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I want to look at the role of crafts, either it be shipbuilding, fishing or whatever. Photo - Experiment with boiled wood for steam bending
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The subject of the Enlightenment period and its decay has held me hostage for about twenty years now. Photo - Project in cave.
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Wood bending experimentation at Event Horizon Studios
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My artist pseudonym is Narziss Goldmund.


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