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Born: New York
Lives in: New York
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WRITER IN RESIDENCE FEB 2019 My artistic discipline is literature: poetry and songwriting. In my own work, I always aim to investigate the personal truths of identity and claiming personal agency. As a poet, I have worked with many literary forms, focusing in on a story-telling theme. Through my writing, I intend to illustrate identity-being a woman of color and first-generation American. The project I’m currently working on, is a visual spoken-word album; this piece aims to collaborate both music and poetry to depict the psychological effects of growing up as an Hindu Indian-American woman in New York post 9/11. Poetry has always served as a vehicle of expression for me- the safest place to be dangerous. I want to thoroughly challenge myself to tell the unexplored truths of my childhood. In sharing my story, not only do I find healing, however, it becomes a collective experience that can resonate with many.


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Through my work, I always hope to investigate, question and be vulnerable enough to share "that something else".
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One of my favorite poets, Aja Monet, says, "Poetry is that something else."
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Through poetry I have been able to confront the fears and anxiety I have faced as an immigrant and as a person of colour. It is my secret weapon.
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Writing poetry and bringing out my feelings has been a very transformative experience for me.
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I use poetry to address the social issues and get people, especially young people, to do something about injustice around us.
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I want to use poetry to help marginalized people acquire a voice to fight the inhumanity, racism and exploitation around us.


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