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Request an Interview

  • Prepare your application carefully adding all six criteria
  • Send an email to with images and/or text
  • Wait for reply, all proposal letters will be acknowledged

Applicants are assessed through reference to six criteria:

  1. Have an engagement with the wider contemporary context of their practice
  2. Have a clear vision for the development of their work
  3. Show how work space at Event Horizon will benefit their practice
  4. Show willingness to provide an active input and support the Event Horizon hospitality
  5. Be prepared to offer a virtual open-studio event or give a virtual talk to share your work on social media at the final stage of the residency
  6. Be generous, Event Horizon is a free space offered to anyone who can complete the criteria. It is not a commercial idea and donations are welcome toward the continued growth of the residency space

Note: Event Horizon residency is for particularly for self-sufficient, serious-minded individuals who are deeply committed to their practice, people who can respect the privilege of time and space. Applicants are not invited to come to Event Horizon for a free holiday!

We are all witness to the devastation of the environment by rich and poor human activity. Applicants with the fragile planet ideology are especially welcome at Event Horizon.

Timescale is negotiable

Interviews will be held on Zoom with the Event Horizon panel

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