Special Accommodation Subsidies

On-site at Event Horizon: We are offering Accommodation Bursaries on-site to individuals who have limited resources. Event Horizon is not a commercial idea and we wish to welcome established and non-established people who understand the concept of sharing space respectfully.

Click on an image below to view actual size.

Cabin Living Area

The cabin is an 18 sqm bed-sitting room

It has limited pay-as-you-go Internet €1 per GB

Cabin Front View
One complete wall is translucent pollycarbonate.
The cabin has a large back window and two doors

Clamping Event Horizon Toilet
The cesspit is absolutely huge and so this
back-to-nature long-drop toilet functions perfectly well.

*The privy is made from plastic found in skips!

Small Comfy Caravan
Tiny Sprite Caravan is a double bed on wheels

Cabin View
Cool breeze through the interior
The cabin has Solar Power

Cabin Glamping Kitchen
The cabin kitchen is outside in the shade.
There is harvested water, a gas camping hob
and a ceramic cooler 'fridge'.