by JDW

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Testimonials by Event Horizon Artists in Residence

Michael Perrone and Mariah Dekkenga

Crete Residency May 2018

What can I say… Event Horizon, Neapolis, Crete are all just amazing. As is the founder of the residency and our host - Julienne. We (my wife and I), had wonderful residency and visit to this most beautiful region of Greece! The residency building is itself a work of art… four shipping containers, smartly arranged to create a light filled, breezy space, that is also ecologically minded and efficient. The land around the building(s) is magnificent! several acres of olive trees, wild flowers and brush, along with spectacular mountain views. It was truly heaven on earth. Julienne is a true professional… an intelligent thoughtful artist, who is eager to assist in any way that she can. While there, I learned many things, including proper wood chiseling techniques (which I put to good use carving a walking stick)! Many conversations about the nature of art and making were had, and, during our visit, Julienne truly became our friend for life. Together we discussed the nature of ’the artist residency’ and concluded that a true residency is exactly that - a residency. Meaning that a visiting artist is not only in residency in the studio, but also within the town, city, country and culture. We explored all of these areas during our residency… met wonderful people, both from Greece and from afar. Locals, friends, and other visitors… just amazing people and an amazing place… I can’t recommend it highly enough! We think of our time on Crete with Julienne and her friends every day.