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Barcelona Residency Applications
To apply for Event Horizon Barcelona Residency please visit Applications
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Art and Industry
Many artists and young professionals have converted the former factories and warehouses into lofts, galleries, shops and restaurants.
The Poblenou Open Days have workshops of different artists open to the public, allowing visitors to explore music, conferences, and cultural interaction.

Academy of Art Barcelona
Event Horizon is partners with neighbouring Academy of Art Barcelona. It is the first Spanish school which aims at teaching drawing, painting, sculpture and digital art using a classic academic curriculum. Students and tutors are invited to rent the studio.

Encants Vells Flea Market
The Encants Vells is one of the oldest flea markets in Europe at La Plaça de les Glòries. It is a ten minute cycle ride from Event Horizon Barcelona Studio.Where would an artist be without a flea market!

Annual Light Festival - Llum
Llum BCN is celebrated in the neighborhood of Poblenou. Three days of lighting installations and interventions by artists bringing light and art to the neighborhood.

Poblenou - Creativity Hub
Poblenou has a myriad of museums, creative hubs, small galleries and studios making it abundant in artistic expression. It is also only ten minutes from the beach.