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Working together with my project partner and associate artist Paula Cox we are planning a second visit to Madagascar to research and develope our ideas with Feedback Madagascar. As artists we will be working on specific initiatives to benefit the Malagasy people.

Paula Cox has been designing posters for human rights, topics include: Better hygiene and sanitation to reduce disease. Land security (as often women do not have the same rights to inherit) and equal rights to education. Paula is documenting ongoing projects with Feedback Madagascar with images to use for their publicity and catalogs.

The visual inspiration is developing into a collection of fine art prints celebrating the Malagasy people, these prints together with Paula’s photography will be exhibited at venues in Barcelona 2012 and London. Exhibitions will honour and promote Malagasy culture.

Paula has used her skills as an illustrator to assist a water project with PHAST public health, to highlight hygiene and sanitation concerns to help reduce disease. Also Paula has produced a collection of fine art prints and lino cuts.

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Walking with water
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Market Day
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Poster Droits Femme
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Poster Droits Enfant


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